Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Very Happy Mothers Day Indeed

Today is Mother's Day... and I'd like to wish all mothers... (maternal and spiritual alike), a very Happy & Blessed Mother's Day! :)

It's a very special Mother's Day for me, especially now that my beautiful and precious, new daughter has been born.  Grace Emma was born two weeks ago on April 28, 2012 and it was a very happy, healthy, Joy-filled, Love-filled, Grace-filled, Hope, filled, Faith-filled birth that only lasted 2 hours.

God is truly an amazing, faithful, awesome God! Although my pregnancy was one that was high risk... I continued to pray throughout it for God's strength, Grace, wisdom and Hope to see me through... (and His unconditional Love as well!).  God blessed me with those gifts and heard and answered my prayers and the prayers of others. With my pregnancy being as high risk as it was, nobody, (not even my doctors thought that I'd be able to carry my daughter to a full term delivery... yet, I continued to pray and have lots of Faith that He would... (knowing that the closer we got to a full term birth, the healthier my daughter would be!).  Sure enough, God showed his beautiful faithfulness.. and brought us through to a full term delivery, as I gave birth to my daughter, Grace, in the early evening, 1 day before my due date!  :)

As the popular saying goes... "God is Good... ALL the time!" And yet, when He clearly hears and answers of heart's deepest prayers... bestowing upon us such a blessed gift... a true miracle... we are truly ever so aware of His Goodness, His Love, His Faithfulness and Grace!  I am just so filled with JOY that my precious, new daughter was born happy and healthy and is doing very well! She's such an amazing blessing to me and my family... (as all children are!), and I just cannot thank God enough for the gift and miracle of her!

Like Mary, Our Blessed Mother... "My soul rejoices and magnifies our Gracious Lord... for He has been so Good to me!"  I praise Him with my song and with all my being!  :)

Today, as we take special time to celebrate the gift of mothers... I am so thankful that God has chosen me and called me to be a mother as well!  I am among the ranks of the most amazing, life-giving, self-giving, beautiful, nurturing and blessed women in the world... and I wouldn't trade my vocation as a mother for anything in the world!  :)

I plan to continue celebrating the gift and vocation of motherhood, (for all mothers), not just today... but each and every day! And I continue to pray for all mothers and their families that they will be truly blessed by God's amazing Love & Grace in every single way!  :)