Monday, January 30, 2012

Thank Heaven For Little Girls!

It's hard for me to believe how fast my pregnancy journey has gone with my second daughter! I am almost 7 months pregnant, and in just a couple of months, my precious and sweet, little Baby Girl will be born and I am so excited of finally see her face to face and hold her in my arms of Love, call her by her name and introduce her to my family, friends, and the world!

I can't even begin to say how very excited I am to be a mother of not one, but two precious, sweet little girls! I have to admit, when I first found out I was pregnant this time around, I was hoping that I might be having a boy, only because I already have a little girl and so, naturally, I though, well, a boy would be nice too. Though, in all honesty... when I found out that I was actually having another Baby Girl I was overjoyed... and still am!!! :)

"Thank Heaven For Little Girls!"
That's what it says on the pink, wooden plaque we bought for my other daughter Audrey's nursery when she was born and it always reminded me of the true JOY little girls can bring and what a true blessing she is to me and my family and us all!

If I was actually having a little boy, I know I would be just as excited and little boys are just as amazing in their own right... for every child is a precious blessing and gift from God, though, for whatever reason, God chose for me to be the mother of two precious, sweet little girls and I truly couldn't be happier! :)

There is so much sweetness in little girls, in little boys too, no doubt, but the great sweetness that we all have experienced from my daughter Audrey has just been out of this world! She is just incredibly sweet and loving, kind and gentle, charming, and caring, smart, and not afraid to try new things. She loves God and Jesus very much and loves to sing to and about them like her Mama! She loves her family very much too... and brings us all so much Joy! I thank God each and every day for the sweetest blessing and gift of her and I know the her little Baby sister is going to be just as sweet and a true blessing and gift from God as well! :)

I know that my life will dramatically change in a short time, when my second daughter is born, though, I am truly looking forward to this most positive change... and even though, my pregnancy has been and continues to be one of high risk, and there have been quite a lot of unexpected bumps in the road, (to say the least), I don't mind it a single bit! I am just so happy that my Baby Girl is continuing to grow safely in my womb, and is healthy!

My due date will be here before I know it... and so, I am just continuing to cherish this time if my pregnancy journey, with my Baby Girl still growing in my womb, as God continues to prepare us both for our new lives together. I am also cherishing this time with my daughter, Audrey as well. She's been so amazing, for a 22 month old, to understand so much about what Mommy is going through, with her ever-growing belly, and all my pre-natal doctors visits, ultra sounds and resting that I have had to do to ensure a safer pregnancy for my Baby Girl! Yes, she has truly been amazing... and she already loves her Baby sister very much... and I truly can't wait for the day when I can finally introduce them face to face! :)

My heart continues to unite with all pregnant mothers and their precious, little ones growing in their wombs! My prayers are with them. May our God of Love continue to bless them in every wonderful way with His Love, Grace, Comfort, Peace and eternal protection... and of course, JOY... and my our Blessed Mother Mary be their guiding companion along their journey of pregnancy and motherhood!

May God continue to bless all mothers in every way.... and may we always remember the beautiful privilege of being a mother. We've been chosen by God to be mothers, (the most rewarding and most amazing job, vocation, in my book, that there could ever be!).

May God bless your day in every way! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

God's Little Princess Is On The Way!

Being almost 7 months pregnant with my second daughter, I a very aware that she is not only a precious and beloved child of God, but His beautiful princess as well! Truly, she is a princess, because she is the daughter of a Heavenly King, our Heavenly Father!

It seems that most little girls are fascinated with princesses and love to dress up and pretend to be one. I am so happy to tell my 22 month daughter, Audrey, and also my second daughter in my womb the beautiful Truth, that they are in fact real princesses and don't have to pretend to be one... but can be confident in knowing how loved and cherished they are by God, and that they have a Heavenly heritage and although, they may not wear a real crown now, there is a beautiful one waiting for them in Heaven.

Already now, I am raising my daughter, Audrey to have a healthy confidence and self esteem to know how much God Loves her and that He has a beautiful, "future full of Hope," planned for her! God lives inside of her and He is guiding her along His awesome of everlasting Life! I always remind her too, that "she can do all things through Christ Who gives her strength." These are just a few of the wonderful benefits of being a child of God, a precious princess.

It's hard to believe that my precious, little Baby Girl will be born in just a couple of months. My pregnancy journey has been full of unexpected bumps in the road, with me finding out that I had a very high risk pregnancy, having to get a surgery on my cervix to ensure a safer and healthier pregnancy, having to get weekly progesterone shots to prevent more premature contractions, and having to monitor myself twice daily, with a special machine to count the number of contractions I have been having... (thanks be to God, I have had little to none!). Yet, with all of this, I am not complaining one bit. I am just so happy that my Baby Girl is continuing to grow in my womb safely and is healthy!

I continue to pray for all pregnant mothers and their precious little ones, growing in their wombs... (God's beloved, little princesses and princesses). May these mothers always remember how much God Loves them and their children and that He is most certainly with them, every step of the way and will be forever more!

Praying your day is beautiful and blessed in every way! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Prayers For All Expectant Mothers and Their Little Ones

I am sending up some special prayers today to St. Gerard, (the patron saint of expectant mothers). I saw my obstetrician this morning and my baby girl's heartbeat sounded great and strong... beautiful, actually, though, my pregnancy is still considered to be one of high risk, and I am continuing to pray to God, and also I am really relying especially on the prayers today of St. Gerard to give me and my sweet daughter in my womb a continued Hope, and Strength and good health to make it through the remainder of my pregnancy.

I am especially keeping uplifted in my prayers today all expectant mothers and their precious, little children growing in their wombs. May God be with them and protect them from all harm and keep hem safe, embraced in the warmth of His unconditional Love!

Children are such a blessing and gift from God! How blessed and I to be chosen by Him to be a mother to His beautiful children. May God continue to bless all mothers in every way and their children too! Hold us close to your heart, always, God... never let us go! Amen.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

With Dreams of Hope

With Hope in my heart, once again... I recommit myself to the beautiful journey of motherhood before me.

I want to be the very best mother I can be. I want my daughters to bloom like the most beautiful and healthy flowers in God's garden and shine and glimmer like the most radiant stars of the night sky! I want them to be and continue to become always, the most amazing daughters of God that He has created them to be!

For He has placed, big, beautiful, Hope-filled dreams in their hearts and I want more than anything for them to discover those precious dreams, hold them close always... and make them their reality with God's assistance and Grace that He will surely provide!

There is a lot of saddness in our world, darkness and despair. If you turn on the news and watch for just a while, one may feel anxious and overwelmed, feeling like, "Who has time for making dreams real," in a world filled with so much suffering, sadness, despair and war. I have felt this way myself.

Though, I know that it's God Who places in our hearts, dreams of Hope... to help bring His Light and Love, Hope, Joy and Peace and healing to the world! This I know, yes, this, I know! And So... I will continue to hold fast to my special dreams in my heart and encourage my daughters and others to do the same! Our prayers, BTW are very powerful, so never underestimate the power of your prayers for others, especially our children! They truly need our prayers... so, if you are a parent... please pray for your children... and God will bless them in even more beautiful ways!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Blessed Are Those Who Trust In The Lord

It's early in the morning on the second day of the New Year 2012... and I can't sleep! And so, I feel inspired to write a new blog, which always brings me closer to God. I am very thankful for all the Blessings that God has given me, most especially, my two beautiful daughters, Audrey, who is now 21 months old and my other, sweet, precious daughter, still growing in my womb, whom I am now 23 weeks pregnant with. My Love for them in unending and grows even stronger and brighter every day!

I am also very thankful for my relationship with God. He is my rock and my salvation, (and so is Jesus), and I just don't know where I would be without Him. It is my greatest desire to please Him and continue to build and cultivate a beautiful life that glorifies and pleases Him. He has given me this beautiful Gift of life that I treasure so, and I don't want to waste it, not a single moment of it... but continue walking with Him by my side and in my heart and striving to be and continuing to become the most faithful and Loving daughter of His I can be and inspire others to do the same, (most especially my daughters).

I have been given a beautiful vocation of being a mother, and I continue to place all my TRUST in God, as I continue to learn from Him each new day, how to be the very best mother I can be to His most precious, little ones, my sweet daughters, Who He has graciously entrusted into my care. I trust in Him also, to continue to guide me along my path in this life He's given me as I continue to come closer and closer to realizing and living the very special dreams He's placed deep within my heart!

I pray that all people will place all their trust in God and allow Him to guide their lives with His Heavenly Wisdom, Love and Care! He Loves us so much, with an everlasting Love and His Way is the Best Way and will truly lead us to the most fulfilling, satisfying and beautiful lives He's created us to live... and ultimately to everlasting Life!

I wish you all a very Happy, Blessed, Bright, Healthy, Hope, Love and Peace-filled New year 2012! I truly believe it's going to be a really amazing year... especially for those who continue to place all their Trust in God, Whose plans for our lives are HOPE! :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rededicating Our Hearts To God

Today is New Year's Day 2012! It's the dawn of of a new beginning... a brand new chance to re-dedicate our lives, hearts, souls, and entire selves to God in the deepest way we know how, or perhaps, even for the very first time, for some!

Hope is alive... as we just celebrated the miraculous birth of Christ and it's still the beautiful Christmas season with God's Blessings of Love abounding for all who are open to receive them.

I am open God, my heart is open to receive Your beautiful, countless blessings of unconditional Love... and I continue to open my heart more and more to You, with true humility, sincerity and reverence and of course, gratitude and Love! You have blessed me so much, Dear God, throughout my life, saved me with Your beautiful Grace and Love... and now blessed me even more with two, beautiful, precious daughters, one, here at my side and one, still growing in my womb, and on the way! Thank You, God, for blessing and Loving me! :)