Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Motherhood: A Journey of Grace

Motherhood is a sacred Gift given by God.  It's also a journey to be celebrated and lived to the fullest... with all the blessings of God's Love, Joy, Laughter, Gentleness, Peace, Hope, Compassion, Understanding, Patience and Grace.

Everyday with my beautiful daughter, Audrey Maria, is a blessed Gift from God which I so cherish, and the continuation of the most amazing, life-long Journey.  I feel very inspired to create this blog to have a special place of my own where I can come and share and celebrate all the Joy and Blessings of my Journey as a new mother. I am inspired to call it, "Full of Grace... A Mother's Journey With God By Her Side," because, that's exactly what my experience of motherhood has been... "full of God's Grace..." and truly, now more than ever, I feel His holy Presence with me, as I feel Him walking by my side in all I do!

 Motherhood is a journey indeed, and one that like Mary, the Mother of God's was... I believe is "full of God's Grace" in every way!

My Journey through Motherhood began in Hawaii, in the Summer of 2009, while on my honeymoon with my sweetheart and husband, Alex. We had only been married for about a month when God chose to bless us in this most beautiful way by giving us the child of our dreams, a beautiful, little girl that we named Audrey Maria who was born a little over a year ago on March 16, 2010.  She has touched and graced our lives in every way imaginable with God's Love, Grace, Light, Joy, Laughter, Beauty and Sweetness.  Every day, I thank and praise God for calling me to be her mother and I just look forward with such JOY to our journey ahead.

Motherhood, I am learning, is a true journey of God's Grace and sanctification. We are called as mothers to call upon God's heavenly aide 24 hours a day, 7 days, a week, 365 days a year. We are always called to humbly approach the Throne of Grace and pray for God's beautiful Grace to see us through in all ways. And I praise Him, for always coming through for me, 100 fold with Grace upon Grace to help me day after day... and with His Grace, I know that I will continue become the very best mother that I know I was born to be!

I look forward with joyful Hope to coming back here often and regularly to share and celebrate the blessings and Joys of my journey through motherhood.

Thank you, very much, for stopping by and taking the time to celebrate and share my journey with me. Please feel free to visit again... and may our God of Love, Grace and endless Blessing continue to bless you and your family in the most special of ways!

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