Saturday, October 6, 2012

We Love You, Nanny... God Bless... It's True!

This morning we had the memorial service and burial for my beautiful, dear grandmother, whom we affectionately call, "Nanny."  It was a beautiful, sunny day here in Southern Florida and some of our family and my grandparents' friends were there to join us in remembering my Nanny and pay our respects and send her our Love and warm thoughts as she her body was being laid to rest. 

I loved my grandmother so much... and still do, that I am almost at a loss for words as to what I can even say that will do justice to her and how much she means to me and how much I Love her.  She was truly like a best friend to me, and I her.  A long time ago, I bought her a little, white, guardian angel bear and when you pressed it's stomach it would say, (in a cute little voice), "I'm your guardian angel... I'm your special friend! She Loved this gift so much, and it was priceless to her... and throughout the years, she would play it to me on the phone and would tell me that I was like her guardian angle and best friend. We were very close, (as I am her only granddaughter and my children are her only great-grandchildren).

When we went to her house to visit her a few weeks ago, while she was very sick, shorty before God called her Home, she was in her home where she lived with my grandfather, and she spent most of her time on the couch where she could be as comfortable as possible, and still be around the family and friends there visiting with her.  She was happy to see all of us, but, I believe most especially happy to see her two beautiful great-grandaughters!!!

Seeing them and holding them made her so very happy and the smile on her face and Light in her eyes that their presence brought to her was just priceless!  Audrey's special gift to Nanny was... (just like I did when I was younger...), she wanted to give Nanny the special gift of song and dance to light up her day and make her a little bit happier.  Thus, she insisted that I and Grave too, sing and dance with her for Nanny... (all kinds of songs), though, she kept coming back to one of her favorites... "Oh, Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun... please shine down on Nanny!"  And when Audrey said, "Nanny," she would gesture her hands towards Nanny, like a true show girl!  It was so touching and endearing... and I know it really touched and blessed my grandmother's heart!!!  <3

My grandmother was a classy lady.  She was a very stong person, who like me, had been through some very difficult and challenging times, and she would often remind me, throughout my life, during my most difficult and trying times, how stong I was as well... and that she believed in me and knew that, "With the help of God," (as she always would say...), "I know you will make it through this, because you are strong like me, and we come from strong stock!"  :)

It is God's help, His Grace and favor that make us strong indeed, and I believe we have both learned throughout our lives just what the Bible says... that when we are at our weakest... we are at our strongest... becuase, truly, "God's Grace is enough!!!"  :)  My grandmother was always praying for me, and me her. And we will contine to do this still.

We of great Faith, although, sad for a time because we are going to miss her... know and believe that her soul is in God's Loving care... and truly, certainly without a doubt... he will raise her to eternal Life and we surely shall see her again.

And so today, again, though sad for a time, is not a day of deep sorrow, (at least not for me and my daughters), but a day of JOY... as we rejoice in the fact that God I am sure said to her, "Well done, good and faithful servant!" and we need not say, "goodbye," but rather, "until we meet again!"

I will always remember her sharp and witty sense of humor... and sweet things she would always say, such as, "No where to lie..." and when somebody would sneeze, she would say, "God bless... it's true!"  I will miss her frequent phone calls just to say, "Hello," how happy it always made me to hear her voice and how she endearingly would say my name, in her wonderful New York accent... and so much more!  Yet, these precious memories are not lost but will live on in my heart and in the hearts of all who Loved her, forever more!

It was so very special for my daughters to be able to know their Great Grandmother.  It was a true honor and privilege and I am sure they will cherish the memories we have made with her as well as all the pictures and videos I will show them as they grow older.

We LOVE you, Nanny, so much, more than we may have ever known, and we will continue Loving you and praying for you forever more!  Please remember to pray for us too, as I am sure you already have and will continue to.

May God's perpetual Light and Love continue to shine down upon you always... Amen!  :)

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