Monday, June 18, 2012

A Mission of Purity

Things are going very well in my life now... my two, beautiful daughters continue to bless and fill my life with the greatest Joy & Love and I continue to thank God each and every day for the gifts and blessings of them!

Throughout my pregnancy journey with both my daughters, I used to love to refer to them as, beautiful roses growing and blooming in my womb!  Now that they are born, continuing to grow every moment of every day... I like to continue seeing them as beautiful roses... and pure white ones as that.

The color white as we know represents purity... and holiness as well. When we see or think of a pure white lamb, we are reminded of the One True and Holy Lamb of God, Jesus Christ Who suffered, died and gave up His life... and ultimately and victoriously rose from the dead to take away all our sins, and wipe away from each of us the stains of our sins, making us new again, and pure and holy, like Him and enjoy new  Life everlasting in our Heavenly Home with Him!

That is why I like to think of my precious daughters, envision them as beautiful, pure white blooming roses.  I really like to envision all children this way because pure and holy is what they truly are and it's our mission and obligation as parents and a society as a whole to keep them that way, helping them to stay that way always! :)  I really do believe this and it's what I intend on continuing to do!

In an impure world, such as ours, this mission of which I speak of creates quite a challenge to say the least, though, I am up for it and I hope and pray that others will join me in this mission of helping to keep our children pure... and one of the greatest ways of doing this is by keeping ourselves pure as well.

No matter who we are, where we come from, we all have a story, don't we? None of us are perfect, still, God calls us to strive to be perfect.... and a sure way to strive to the road of perfection, in my opinion, is by striving to be pure, like Jesus in all ways.  God Loves us all so much, endlessly... and there is no sin or mistake too great that His Love and Mercy cannot forgive, take away and heal. God longs for us to return to Him time and time again for renewal and purification... and true miracles happen in our lives when we do.

If you haven't already... I hope and pray you will join me and countless others in the mission of purity... keeping ourselves and children pure! Some might say this it's a "Mission Impossible," though, we of great Faith know better... that, "With God All Things Are Possible!"  :)

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