Saturday, June 30, 2012

Feed Your Faith And Be Not Afraid

I just recently discovered this saying... and I really Love it! I think it's perfect for all people, and especially mothers.  Being a mother of one child or ten children... we have a lot on our minds when it comes to caring for our children, and especially when it comes to their safety.  As they grow up, there are always new challenges that will entice us to worry and even become fearful if we let them, but, I encourage you not to let them make you worry or be afraid... but to turn to your Faith in God and pray all the more!  Trust in Him, like never before... and He will give you all you need, a blessed assurance of His divine providence and protection of your children... and as you continue to trust in Him more and more... more and more, He will continue to bless you and your family in endless, new ways!  So, go ahead mothers, especially, but everyone really..."Feed your Faith! Your fears will starve and melt away!"

Be not afraid... and move onward on the beautiful path of Faith, Hope & Love God has so lovingly set before you!  And remember: He Loves you with an Everlasting Love... and always will!   :)

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