Friday, August 17, 2012

We Are The Light Of The World... So Let It Shine!!!

In Sacred Scripture we are told that, We are the Light of the world and that we should let our Light shine before men, in such a way, so that they might see the good that we do and glorify God in Heaven! (Matthew 5:14-16).

How encouraging is that... to know that, "we are the Light of the world" and that we MUST let our Light, (ultimately, God's Light within us shine), in such a way, that in so doing... others might see the good that we do and give glory to God in Heaven! Praise God for this Good News... and may we be encouraged by it... and may it inspire us to go out into the world, ever more... and let God's Light within us shine for all to see, doing good works for the Glory of God's Holy Name!

Just a word about, "humility," that I feel I must share here... (and not just for everyone else, but for myself as well!).  I believe sometimes that Christians can have the wrong idea about humility, thinking that because God calls us to be humble and even clothe ourselves in humility that we are to somehow deny or hide our God given gifts and talents... (one of the greatest gifts that God has given us is His radiant Light, the Glorious Light of Christ shining within us...), of which He gives us not just to give true Light to our own eye, that we might truly see... but to the eyes of all the world so that they might see truly, the good that we do... and give glory to God!

Another gift that we may feel the need to hide at times, (in thinking that we are being, "humble," in so doing is the gift of Love God has given us...), and we are told that of the three gifts that God gives us... "Faith, Hope, and Love... the greatest of these is Love!" This is true.. and the power of Love can do amazing things in our lives and in the lives of others, yet, if we hide it... how will we ever accomplish great things for God that may give Him glory?  After all, we are born for greatness... and so we need to share the gift of God's Love and shine His Light for all to see to become the great people and accomplish the great things we are created to!

There are other gifts that we tend to hide in thinking that we are being, "humble," such as our talents, (whatever they may be... because we all have them, whether we may realize it or not... and they are different and unique for each and every person whom God has created with such Love!).

It is my special prayer today, that all of God's children will realize how very special and precious they are to our God of Love... our Creator... and that they will humbly recognize all the special and unique, God-given gifts and talents God has given them... and will share them with others and with the world... for in so doing... they will truly be letting their Light shine, God's glorious Light within them, doing th egood works God calls us to do... and others will take notice and give glory to God!

Peace and Love of God be with you my friends! 

                                                   God's Blessings are upon us!!!

Let it shin, let it shine... let it shine!!!  :)

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