Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Future Full of Hope... Always!

Above is one of my all time favorite verses found in Sacred Scripture.  It was given to me from someone as a kind of gift many years ago when I was just entering my young adulthood... and it became a beautiful, glowing golden promise from God to me that has continued to prove true in my life over and over again!  :) 

In my life, I am forever running towards this precious promise of Hope God has given me and us all... and one might ask me, if they simply look at my life from the outside, "Well, have you reached your future full of Hope yet?"  The answer is... "Yes!" and also, "I'm still getting there!"

As Christians, living on this Earth, we are forever on a journey Homeward to our Heavenly Home and we are called by God to keep our Faith in Him strong whatever may come our way... and run the race before us to Him.  As we do so, we continue to reach and reach again this, "Future full of Hope," that God has for us! It is forever changing for the better and transforming to fit our needs as we grow in our Faith and life's journey.

God gives us all the gifts we need to make it through our lives, back to Him, in the most Graceful way possible! Life can be so challenging at times and among the other spiritual gifts that God gives us to endure all the trials we face in our lifetime, such as, Faith and Love... God gives us too, the gift of Hope to lift us high above, on the wings of eagles to help us realize His promises for us and His Loving will for us.

If we want to make it through life, and reach the finish line... and God, we've gotta have an endless amount of Hope in our hearts.... Hope Always, and in impossible situations, with the gift of Hope strong and bright in our hearts... they can be turned around and transformed... and the miraculous can take place! 

So keep on Hoping.... and asking God to fill your heart with more and more Hope and dare to believe in the beautiful, golden promise above that God has for us all! Your life will be blessed abundantly because of it!  :)

Wishing you a beautiful, Hope-filled day!  :)

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