Wednesday, January 25, 2012

With Dreams of Hope

With Hope in my heart, once again... I recommit myself to the beautiful journey of motherhood before me.

I want to be the very best mother I can be. I want my daughters to bloom like the most beautiful and healthy flowers in God's garden and shine and glimmer like the most radiant stars of the night sky! I want them to be and continue to become always, the most amazing daughters of God that He has created them to be!

For He has placed, big, beautiful, Hope-filled dreams in their hearts and I want more than anything for them to discover those precious dreams, hold them close always... and make them their reality with God's assistance and Grace that He will surely provide!

There is a lot of saddness in our world, darkness and despair. If you turn on the news and watch for just a while, one may feel anxious and overwelmed, feeling like, "Who has time for making dreams real," in a world filled with so much suffering, sadness, despair and war. I have felt this way myself.

Though, I know that it's God Who places in our hearts, dreams of Hope... to help bring His Light and Love, Hope, Joy and Peace and healing to the world! This I know, yes, this, I know! And So... I will continue to hold fast to my special dreams in my heart and encourage my daughters and others to do the same! Our prayers, BTW are very powerful, so never underestimate the power of your prayers for others, especially our children! They truly need our prayers... so, if you are a parent... please pray for your children... and God will bless them in even more beautiful ways!

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