Sunday, January 29, 2012

God's Little Princess Is On The Way!

Being almost 7 months pregnant with my second daughter, I a very aware that she is not only a precious and beloved child of God, but His beautiful princess as well! Truly, she is a princess, because she is the daughter of a Heavenly King, our Heavenly Father!

It seems that most little girls are fascinated with princesses and love to dress up and pretend to be one. I am so happy to tell my 22 month daughter, Audrey, and also my second daughter in my womb the beautiful Truth, that they are in fact real princesses and don't have to pretend to be one... but can be confident in knowing how loved and cherished they are by God, and that they have a Heavenly heritage and although, they may not wear a real crown now, there is a beautiful one waiting for them in Heaven.

Already now, I am raising my daughter, Audrey to have a healthy confidence and self esteem to know how much God Loves her and that He has a beautiful, "future full of Hope," planned for her! God lives inside of her and He is guiding her along His awesome of everlasting Life! I always remind her too, that "she can do all things through Christ Who gives her strength." These are just a few of the wonderful benefits of being a child of God, a precious princess.

It's hard to believe that my precious, little Baby Girl will be born in just a couple of months. My pregnancy journey has been full of unexpected bumps in the road, with me finding out that I had a very high risk pregnancy, having to get a surgery on my cervix to ensure a safer and healthier pregnancy, having to get weekly progesterone shots to prevent more premature contractions, and having to monitor myself twice daily, with a special machine to count the number of contractions I have been having... (thanks be to God, I have had little to none!). Yet, with all of this, I am not complaining one bit. I am just so happy that my Baby Girl is continuing to grow in my womb safely and is healthy!

I continue to pray for all pregnant mothers and their precious little ones, growing in their wombs... (God's beloved, little princesses and princesses). May these mothers always remember how much God Loves them and their children and that He is most certainly with them, every step of the way and will be forever more!

Praying your day is beautiful and blessed in every way! :)

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