Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rededicating Our Hearts To God

Today is New Year's Day 2012! It's the dawn of of a new beginning... a brand new chance to re-dedicate our lives, hearts, souls, and entire selves to God in the deepest way we know how, or perhaps, even for the very first time, for some!

Hope is alive... as we just celebrated the miraculous birth of Christ and it's still the beautiful Christmas season with God's Blessings of Love abounding for all who are open to receive them.

I am open God, my heart is open to receive Your beautiful, countless blessings of unconditional Love... and I continue to open my heart more and more to You, with true humility, sincerity and reverence and of course, gratitude and Love! You have blessed me so much, Dear God, throughout my life, saved me with Your beautiful Grace and Love... and now blessed me even more with two, beautiful, precious daughters, one, here at my side and one, still growing in my womb, and on the way! Thank You, God, for blessing and Loving me! :)

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