Friday, January 27, 2012

Prayers For All Expectant Mothers and Their Little Ones

I am sending up some special prayers today to St. Gerard, (the patron saint of expectant mothers). I saw my obstetrician this morning and my baby girl's heartbeat sounded great and strong... beautiful, actually, though, my pregnancy is still considered to be one of high risk, and I am continuing to pray to God, and also I am really relying especially on the prayers today of St. Gerard to give me and my sweet daughter in my womb a continued Hope, and Strength and good health to make it through the remainder of my pregnancy.

I am especially keeping uplifted in my prayers today all expectant mothers and their precious, little children growing in their wombs. May God be with them and protect them from all harm and keep hem safe, embraced in the warmth of His unconditional Love!

Children are such a blessing and gift from God! How blessed and I to be chosen by Him to be a mother to His beautiful children. May God continue to bless all mothers in every way and their children too! Hold us close to your heart, always, God... never let us go! Amen.

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