Friday, March 30, 2012

When A Woman Is Pregnant She Is Most Beautiful

I just have to say that no matter what anyone else might try to say... for me, when a woman is pregnant and with child, is when she is most beautiful and radiant! A true miracle of God's everlasting Love dwells and grows within her womb and she is so very close to God in a way, like never before! I truly believe this and just felt like sharing that!

Every child is a precious gift from God and to have the privilege of conceiving and carrying in her womb, and caring for this beautiful child of God is such an amazing blessing and gift from God like no other!

The journey of pregnancy is truly a blessed and sacred time in a woman's life. I absolutely loved being pregnant with my daughter, Audrey, and I also love being pregnant with my second daughter, now, (including the fact that I've had many unexpected bumps in the road, having a high risk pregnancy).

I feel so very close to God, our Blessed Mother, and the Child Jesus as well, as my beautiful child continues to grow and bloom in my womb like a beautiful rose in God's garden.

This Sunday, I will be at 36 weeks in my pregnancy journey... and I praise God, once again, for bringing us this far! My precious, little, Baby Girl will be arriving soon, and I am continuing to cherish the remainder of my pregnancy journey with her! :)

I thank God, for all the special blessings He has given me throughout my pregnancy journey and I look forward to all the new, beautiful blessings to come, once my daughter is born.

I continue to pray for all pregnant mothers especially, and may they know how truly beautiful and radiant they are, (especially now, as their precious child continues to grow in their womb), and may they embrace the gift of beauty that God has given them in their pregnancy, for it's truly a time for her to cherish forever! :)

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