Monday, March 5, 2012

Showered By God's Blessings!

So, I had my baby shower for my sweet Baby Girl, (growing in my womb), over this past weekend... and it was just beautiful... beautiful and special and lovely in every way! As I felt with my first baby shower with Audrey, I now felt, all over again... "showered with God's blessings of Love and Grace," by all who attended and helped me to celebrate my sweet Baby Girl, as we continue to prepare for her arrival! :)

It's really hard for me to believe that as of this Sunday, I am now 8 months pregnant! Wow! It seems like it went so fast, my pregnancy journey, and then again, still, at the same time, it's been a very long, and challenging journey... though, nonetheless, Grace-filled in every way with God's special blessings!

When I think of it going fast, I must remember that I didn't find out that I was pregnant until I was into my 3rd month, so, in a way, it feels as if, at times, that I'm only 5 months into my journey of pregnancy. Though, even if that's when my mind got the "memo," that I was in fact, really pregnant... still, my body sure knew from the very beginning, as I believe did my heart and soul! And that's the most amazing part of it all, this, "mother-child-God-pregnancy journey." All are so interconnected and intertwined... it's a true, sacred mystery, one of the most divine mysteries of both Heaven and Earth, and how very blessed are women, whom God has chosen to be able to experience and live this most beautiful mystery out... in all it's glory! :)

I absolutely Love being pregnant and am in no rush for it to be over... (including all the challenges I've had with my pregnancy being high risk)... it's truly one of the most blessed experiences of my life... and I just want to continue cherishing every single, precious moment in my heart and soul... and every blessed movement that my daughter makes, for this is truly a most sacred time between mother and child, so close... with each other and with God! It's just a marvelous, miraculous time... and I thank God for it with everything that I am!

That being said... as I come closer to my due date... my Joy and excitement and anticipation increase more and more! I am so excited to finally see my sweet Baby Girl, (in real life, and not just on an ultra-sound screen!). I am so excited to finally see her face to face... to hold her in my arms of Love, call her by her name and tell her how very much I Love her... as God does too! I'm so excited for her to meet her big sister, Audrey, who is so very excited to finally meet her face to face and has waited, (so very patiently), and also to meet the rest of my family, friends and our world!

I continue to trust that all our lives are in God's loving hands... and that He is continuing to take very good care of me, my sweet Baby Girl, Audrey and us all. Only God knows when my Baby Girl will be born, and I continue to trust in Him and His perfect timing and will! And so, as excited as I am for her to be born, I continue to wait patiently for that unknown, precious day, with Hope in my heart... as I cherish, so dearly, this remaining time of my beautiful pregnancy journey!

I feel so blessed by God and look forward with such great Joy to the future full of Hope ahead! For it's there for you and me and us all! :)

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