Friday, March 9, 2012

Our Lord Is Forever Faithful

"The LORD’S Loving Kindnesses indeed never cease, for His Compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your Faithfulness." (Lamentations 3:22-23)

Throughout my walk with our Lord, I've learned many things about what kind of God He is, how He is so unconditionally Loving, Compassionate, Merciful, Forgiving, and how He loves to bless His children who Love and follow Him. What I've especially learned throughout my Faith journey is that truly the Lord, our God is forever Faithful!

People on the other hand are not always faithful to their word, and will often times break their promises they have made to us and let us down and this can cause us a great deal of pain. That's because we are human, and not perfect, but God is perfect and never lets us down, and that is one thing that we can surely count on forever more!

Once again, as I continue on in my pregnancy journey almost to 33 weeks, God continues to remain right here by my side and in my heart! His Faithfulness to me is so beautiful and such a Loving gift, a true testament of what He is all about, as He has so far, and I believe and trust He will continue to carry me and my sweet Baby Girl to a safe and healthy birth!

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday, and was very reassured to hear my daughter's strong, healthy heartbeat... and I continue to pray my way through each and every day, (and praise God for His Faithfulness), as we come closer and closer to her due date near the end of April!

Having a high risk pregnancy can be a scary thing, even to a woman of great Faith in God, especially when you have doctors telling you how concerned they are about your Baby's chance of being able to make it to a full term birth, though, I am ever thankful for my strong Faith in God and His ever-constant Faithfulness, to see me through what I believe have been the most challenging times of all of this... and I look forward with great Hope to the beautiful, bright future He has prepared for us ahead!

So many blessings I've received so far, and still, so many more to come. And so many reasons to continue praising God for His great Faithfulness, Loving Kindness and Compassion that never, ever cease and are brand new each and every morning! :)

So I am very thankful for all the countless blessings I have received thus far, especially throughout this pregnancy journey, (and even with all the challenges I've had to face included!). And I'm so thankful that God continues to be so Faithful to me, and that I am able to share with others, though my own personal experiences just how amazing and awesome our God is!!! :)

May you be blessed in every way by God's unfailing Loving Kindness, Compassion and Faithfulness! And may He receive all the praise and honor that belongs to Him! :)

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