Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Soul Rejoices In My God

My soul rejoices in my God and my heart sings songs of gratitude to Him, Who Loves me with an everlasting Love and has given me the Gift of everlasting Life! I feel very blessed during this beautiful Christmas season especially, to have just celebrated the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

I also feel especially blessed to feel so close to Our Blessed Mother Mary, during my pregnancy with my second daughter! God has chosen me to be the mother of two, beautiful little girls, His precious children... and this is a great Blessing in deed. I pray with an open heart full of gratitude and Love to our God for the continued Grace to continue to grow closer to Him in this sacred journey through my pregnancy, as I continue to grow closer my daughter in my womb. As I grow closer to my daughter in my womb, I am ever aware of how much closer I grow to my daughter Audrey.

From the moment I found out the Good News that I was with child again, my heart felt immediately blessed by God and opened up even more, overflowing with even more Love for my daughter Audrey and now my second daughter! The miracle of Love creates more miracles of Love!

Life itself, is a beautiful and sacred Gift and Miracle from our God Who Loves us dearly and truly wants us to live joyful, healthy, meaningful and purposeful lives! We find our Joy and health and meaning and purpose for our lives when we find God, (whether it be for the 100th time or the very first), and when we find, discover, that we are His beloved children, Loved deeply by Him, created to Love and serve Him and live our lives for and in Him! I pray that my life and the lives of my precious daughters will continue to become lives that glorify God in all ways!

All praise, glory, honor and thanksgiving be His! For He is my Loving God... and my soul will forever rejoice in Him!

Praying your day is filled with His JOY and blessed in every way! :)

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