Saturday, April 14, 2012

Always Believe That Something Truly Wonderful Is About To Happen!

"Always believe that something truly wonderful is about to happen!" With God... this is always true! :)

I am continuing to thank and praise God for the blessing and I will even say, "miracle," of bringing me and my sweet Baby Girl this far in my pregnancy journey... I am now, 37 weeks and 6 days into the journey and am now considered full term! My cerclauge, (my stitch in my cervix), was removed last week and I am still feeling great, with no real signs of labor, as my precious daughter continues to grow in my womb! Having a high risk pregnancy, my doctors weren't sure if we'd make it this far, and so we are all so happy... though, I am especially happy, because I know that it is God Who has brought us this far... and has heard and answered my prayers and the prayers of others!

I know that my life is about to change in every way, (for the best), and be blessed even more by God, for the birth of a new Baby brings to a family endless blessings and new beginnings. I am so looking forward to her birth and finally getting the chance to see her, face to face, (and not just on an ultra-sound screen), and to hold her in my arms, and introduce her to her family and the world! Her big sister, Audrey, is especially excited to meet her... and has been so incredibly wonderful, as we have talked about her throughout this long journey, and prepared for her. It's been quite a long time for a little one like her to wait, and yet, she's been so patient... always joyfully talking about, "Baby Sister," and even asking to give her a hug, (to hug my womb), before bed when she gives me a hug! I know that they are going to have a very special relationship and be very close. It is my heart's prayers that God will continue to keep them close throughout their lives... and that they will always be the best of sisters and friends! :)

I don't know what exactly God has planned for our lives... though, I continue to know and trust that whatever it is... it's going to be very good! God is forever Faithful to His Word and His promise! Long ago, He promised me a beautiful future full of Hope... and I continue to cling to that promise with all my heart... and it is the radiant Light and vision that leads me forward and guides all I do!

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