Saturday, April 28, 2012

Doing What Comes Naturally

Well, here I am.. still at home at 39weeks and 6 days into my pregnancy journey with my precious, new daughter... (still growing and blooming in my womb!).  I am trying to naturally induce my labor, so that I will not have to be induced medically at the hospital Sunday evening, as my doctor would like me to if my daughter is not born before then.

So, it's been for me... the birthing ball, drinking red leaf raspberry tea, taking evening primrose oil vitamins, massaging clary sage on my ankles and wrists, drinking castor oil, eating pineapple and spicy foods.  I've also been trying to do a lot of walking and drinking lots and lots of water, which is said to be great for helping to bring on labor naturally and will be doing a lot more of that throughout the day today! I am also treating myself to a wonderful, full body, pre-natal massage, which is also said to really help to naturally induce labor and follow that by soaking in a warm bath with more clary sage.  So... God willing, all of these natural remedies should help bring on my labor quite a bit!

Of course, I've been praying to God as well, for His gracious intercession and intervention, to help speed this labor process along naturally, as well as continuing to talk to my sweet Baby Girl, letting her know that I am ready for her to be born.  It was so cute... as I mentioned, Audrey has been very involved in my pregnancy journey with my new daughter from the very beginning.

This morning, she lifted up my shirt on my belly and started rubbing it and said, "Keep going, Baby, keep going!"  :) I believe that, already, they have a very special bond and Audrey understands that her Baby Sister is also getting ready to be born, as Mommy has been preparing for her birth for all this time.  I was happy to feel my Baby Girl's movement last night and this morning, close to my cervix, (where her head is), since she has been head down, in birth position for quite a while now. I feel like it's a good indication that she is also getting ready for her birth and moving around and getting situated and most comfortable for her delivery.

I have been for a while now, but, now... I am truly in, "The Birthing Zone," as I like to call it... and am very focused on helping my body to prepare for a naturally induced birth, and am also helping my Baby to be prepared as well. I will not stop praying to God for His help as well... and I invite all of your continued prayers for us as well!

I continue to pray for all expectant mothers and their sweet, Little Ones for a happy, healthy and blessed pregnancy and birth and beautiful, blessed, Hope-filled lives together! :)

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