Friday, April 6, 2012

With God's Love And Assistance... Preparing To Birth My Daughter Into This World

So, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I had a bit of a false alarm yesterday, (thinking that I was possibly leaking amniotic fluid), and was told by my doctor's office to go to the hospital to find out if in fact that was the case. After about four hours of monitoring my Baby's heartbeat and monitoring me for contractions, as well as checking to see if I was leaking amniotic fluid they discovered that I was not leaking fluid and my Baby Girl was doing really well, and I was having very minimal contractions that I could not even feel, they let me leave for a while, though, I still was scheduled to return in the evening to have my cerclauge removed from my cervix.

I have to say that being a person with performing arts background, who is quite used to having dress rehearsals before a big performance, and knows the benefit of having them, having to be at the same hospital yesterday, where I will soon be delivering my sweet Baby Girl soon, felt in a lot of ways like a dress rehearsal, for one of the most important, special, and Life-giving performances of my life. I know that giving birth is not really, "a performance," but is actually a very sacred life experience... and yet, just like in any performance I've ever given... it requires that you truly give it your "All!" and it requires that you utilize every once of passion, strength, inspiration, and Life-giving forces within you to bring it forth, (birth it forward), into this world in the most beautiful way!

Being a Christian who also happens to be a performing artist... I really don't even like to look at my, "performances," as such, but rather, as sacred experiences where I am blessed enough to be able to use and share the gifts that God has given me with others... to hopefully, make more apparent God's real Presence of Love that is in our midst! I feel that I do this especially when I am singing, and sharing with others the music God has inspired me to compose and share.

I share that, because, when I think of giving birth to my second daughter, I realize that just like when I'm singing my songs about God and His Love, I invoke His Loving Presence and Spirit to be with me, to sing through me and be with us all, in very much the same way, that I did with my first daughter, Audrey's birth, and I intend to do the same with my second daughter's birth as well!

For although, God has chosen to graciously bless me with another child, another beautiful daughter.... still, I could never be more aware that I didn't make this happen all on my own, but it was through God's Loving and divine intervention and providence that my precious daughter and God's beloved daughter was conceived in my womb and came into being! It has been ultimately God's Love, Care, and Grace that have kept her cradled safely in my womb for the past, (almost 37 weeks), and it will most certainly be God's Loving Presence within me and her, in the delivery room on the day of her birth that will truly help birth her into this world! It's such an amazing miracle to even contemplate! And it is my main focus to help me to, with God's Gracious assistance, to prayerfully birth her into this world! :)

Thank you, very much, again, for all your prayers for me, my Baby Girl and family! Please be assured of mine for you and yours... especially during these holy days as we prepare to celebrate Easter in a couple of days! :)

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