Friday, April 27, 2012

She Blesses My Life

When Audrey grows up, and if/when she decides to become a mommy herself, I believe she is going to be well prepared! She has truly journeyed with me throughout my pregnancy journey... attending all my doctor's appointments, seeing her Baby Sister on the ultra-sound screen, and hearing me talk about all my, "pregnancy stuff," her current vocabulary now includes... cramps, contwactions :), cerclauge, birthing ball, and induce to name a few! :)

She has watched Mommy's tummy grow, and grow and grow... and has prayed with me throughout this challenging journey, (having a high risk pregnancy), for a happy, healthy, and safe, full-term delivery. And she rejoiced and thanked God with me, for hearing and answering our prayers and bringing me and my Baby Girl, still growing in my womb, to full term... now at 39 weeks and 5 days!

Most of all what touches me the most about Audrey perhaps, as she's shared this most special pregnancy journey with me and her Baby Sister is how she continues to cheer me on and pray for me and her Baby Sister, as I continue to prepare for the birth of my daughter coming soon! She blesses my heart more than words can say! :)

I strongly recommend that other expectant mothers who also have children, (no matter what age they may be), try to find ways to include their children in their pregnancy journeys as much as possible! I believe that it truly helps prevent them feeling left out and fearful of the future, of having a new sibling and feeling like they might not get as much attention as they used to.  It really helps them to develop and prepare for their new role as, "Big Sister," or "Big Brother," and it really also helps form a very special bond between siblings that will continue to grow and blossom throughout their lifetime together! :)

Blessings and Love!

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