Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Awaiting God's Precious Gift!

It's almost hard to believe, but in a very short time from now, my sweet, precious, little Baby Girl is going to be born! I am so very excited, and continue to pray to God to give me His Grace to have a really beautiful, Grace-filled, happy, safe delivery.

My Baby Girl and I have made it to 38 weeks and 3 days into our pregnancy journey together and I do consider this to be a true miracle and thank God for hearing and answering our prayers! :) It's been a challenging journey, though, I'm just so happy that my Baby Girl continues to be healthy and well! She will be born soon, and we will begin our new lives together... and what blessings God has in store for us!

Her nursery is all prepared, ready and waiting for her arrival and everyone is continuing to get really excited about finally meeting her face to face! Now that my cerlauge has been removed from my cervix, she really could be born at any time, and so, we are definitely on official Baby Watch... though, it's all going to happen in God's perfect timing... and so, I continue to place all my trust and Faith in Him... that He knows best when she should be born, and on the day and time... she will be born and it will be beautiful! :) In the mean time, I just continue to pray for her and for me too, and listen to my body as I await the signs and beginnings of labor.

Children are such a precious blessing and gift from God, and just like my sweet daughter, Audrey, has blessed my entire family in such an amazing way, I also know that my second, sweet, little daughter will do the same! :)

For me, a woman's pregnancy journey is the most amazing experience! And as you draw closer to your due date... you are filled with so much anticipation, so much Hope, so much Joy and excitement as you can only just begin to imagine all the Joy and blessings ahead that God has already prepared! And yet, as excited as I am, I just continue to truly cherish this last part of our pregnancy journey together, for it's such a sacred time, and it's just so beautiful, the very special bond a mother and her unborn child, growing in her womb share!

I continue to pray for all pregnant mothers and their little ones... that their pregnancy journeys will be blessed in every way, by our Heavenly Father's great Love, Care and Protection and that their hearts may continue to be filled with an endless amount of Faith, Hope and Love as they continue to prepare for the arrival of their sweet, little ones and their new lives together! :)

Thank you, so much, again, Everyone, who has continued to keep us in your prayers throughout this long journey! Your kindness and prayers are appreciated more than you may know! Please be assured of ours for you as well!

God is full of beautiful Goodness... and has an endless future full of Hope in store for us all! :)

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