Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting Closer... But Still Not Close Enough!

Today is Holy Thursday. Our Lenten journeys have come to a close and the 3 days of the Holy Tridium are now here. So far it's been a pretty blessed and eventful day for me and my sweet Baby Girl, still growing and blooming in my womb! :)

This morning, it appeared to me that I was possibly leaking amniotic fluid, and I called my doctor's office and they told go to go straight to labor and delivery at the hospital to have it checked out. I am already scheduled to go back there this evening to have my cerlauge, (the stitch which my doctor had to put in my cervix to prevent it from continuing to open more prematurely than it already was), taken out. I was not sure what was going to happen.... if I really was leaking fluid, and if I might even go into labor, so just in case we brought all my bags and labor-gear with us!

Fortunately, (and thanks be to God), I am not leaking any amniotic fluid and after they monitored my Baby's heartbeat, (which continues to sound great), and monitored me for contractions, they called my doctor and she said that I could leave for a while and then come back later this evening! So, needless to say, it was a bit of a false alarm... but a good dress rehearsal for when I do go into labor! :) I hope and pray that it will be that easy and go that smoothly, getting out the door and to the hospital as Gracefully as I was able to this morning! It did for Audrey's birth... and so I pray that it will be the same with my second daughter's birth as well! May God continue to be with me throughout it all! :)

One of the extra-special blessings in all of today's events, so far, was that just as I was getting ready to be released from the hospital, I happened to hear an announcement over the intercom about Mass being offered in their chapel, so my mom and I were able to make it to that and also receive a very special blessing from the priest for my Baby Girl, me, my mom and our whole family! What a lovely gift from God to receive on Holy Thursday... and to be able to receive Holy Communion and attend Mass, (which I wouldn't of been able to do this evening!). God is so Good... and I'm so grateful for His endless Love! :)

Today, I am at 36 weeks and 4 days into my pregnancy journey.... it's such a blessing from God and a gift to have made it this far, (especially with my pregnancy being as high risk as it has been). 37-42 weeks is considered full term, and I will be 37 weeks on this Sunday... Easter Sunday! I am praying to God for a special miracle that He will help us hold out and keep my daughter growing safely inside my womb at least until at least 38 weeks, (if not even closer to my due date), though... I have to continue to TRUST in God's unfailing and Loving will and perfect sense of timing and providence! Only God knows when my daughter is supposed to be born, and I trust that He will bring her into our world exactly when she is meant to be born! God's timing is always perfect and His Way is always the best and so I will just continue to TRUST in Him! :)

Thank you, again, for all your prayers for me, my Baby Girl and my family! Please be assured of ours for you and yours as well! God's Blessings are abundant! I continue to keep vigil with all the other pregnant mothers and their precious Babies out there! May God's everlasting and constant blessings of Love and Grace be upon them... and may He bring them and their Babies to a happy, safe and blessed birth! May these next few days leading up to Easter be truly blessed for you and your family and may your Easter be Happy, beautiful and blessed in every way! :)

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