Thursday, April 12, 2012

So Many Blessings To Come!

I am so very excited that I have made it to 37 and a 1/2 weeks in my pregnancy journey! I'm continuing to praise God for His Love and Goodness, for continuing to hear my prayers to keep my Baby Girl growing in my womb, as long as possible, (considering that I have a high risk pregnancy and my cerclauge has been removed and so now, she really can be born at any time!). I am now considered full term in my pregnancy, and so I thank God, for this special miracle and blessing!

With the birth of a new Baby come endless blessings of Love, Hope, Joy, Peace and Goodness! I know that like with the birth of my beautiful daughter, Audrey, my life changed in every way, (for the best), so it will also continue to with my new, beautiful daughter! :)

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