Friday, December 9, 2011

Daughters of My Heart!

My daughter, Audrey, is just so sweet. She is so kind, so helpful, so loving and giving... and Loves her little, Baby Sister, growing in my womb very much! She is always thinking of her, talking about her and even singing to her... "Hush, Lil' Baby... Mama, (and then she finishes the rest of the song in her own, sweet unique language!).

For a while now she has been pointing to my belly when someone says the word, "Baby," although, recently, she has been pointing to my heart! This morning when she did that, while we were talking about the Baby... I realized that God was showing me something very profound, through, her cute, little actions.

My Baby Girl is, "The Daughter of my Heart," as is Audrey! And although, she is nestled and growing safely in my womb, she is also very much a part of my heart... where my Love and prayers dwell for her... and God's Love radiates and glows and keeps her! :)

Just something special that I felt like sharing! I believe that we are also "The Children of God's unconditionally Loving Heart!" I believe that is where we were first conceived, in God's great, big, beautiful Heart of Love... and He continues to hold us there in His great Care always!

Wishing you a special day filled with the awe and wonder of God's great Love for us all! :)

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