Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rejoicing With Child-Like Joy

Here's a blog that I was inspired to write about 6 months ago, that for one reason or another I never ended up posting. After re-reading it, I'd like to now share it, and find it especially fitting for this beautiful Joy-filled Season of Advent! Many Blessings of God's Joy be with you! :)

We are told in Sacred Scripture to "Rejoice in the Lord, always!" (Philippians 4:4).  It's something that children do naturally and without any hesitation. My daughter, Audrey, is always happy and always beaming such Joy from her heart. At her little age of 14 months it is very apparent to me, and to others, as it has been from the very day of her birth that she Loves God very much... and it truly shows in all she does!

I love learning from little children, how to be more "child-like" as Jesus tells us to be, for as He says, "You shall not enter the kingdom of Heaven, unless you become like a little child," (Matthew 18:2-3).  He means that we keep about us our child-like innocence, trust, openness to God's will and openness to new experiences where we can encounter God on a deeper level in all ways.

Everyday, my daughter teaches me how to be more child-like and how to love God more. She is so kind hearted, so loving, so thoughtful and so helpful. She is always thinking about how she can bless others and bring a smile to their face... and she does so, all the time with such ease and grace. Children are like that.. and we should learn from them and learn to be more like them... for if we do, we shall live in God's Kingdom, here on earth!

Perhaps, one of the reasons why children always seem to be rejoicing in the Lord is because absolutely secure in their relationship with Him. Without the doubts and fears that can often plague us as adults and prevent us from having a deeper and closer relationship with God, our Heavenly Father, they are free from those burdens and thus live in simple and pure trust, knowing always His Unconditional Love and care for them, and in return they continue to show Him theirs for Him. God is truly the center of their lives and so they always have something to rejoice about!

I am committed in my life to rejoicing more and more for all the good God has done in my life and all the good I trust He will continue to do.  I am also committed to living more and more each day, with child-like innocence and trust! I invite everyone to join me in doing the same... in spreading more Joy to all the world, and learning to live more and more as Jesus teaches us to do!

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