Sunday, December 4, 2011

She's Like A Rose Blooming In My Womb

When I was pregnant with my daughter, Audrey, one of the ways I liked to think of her and describe her was like, "a beautiful rose growing and blooming in my womb." That image is so beautiful to me, when thinking of my precious, little daughter, God's daughter too... so pure and lovely, untouched and unstained by anything other than God's pure Love & Grace, Joy & Peace! She's a real princess, already, a daughter of Our Heavenly Father and King... and like I have told my daughter, Audrey, since she was growing in my womb, I tell this sweet child of mine, now growing in my womb the same... for I always want her to know her true identity, her true worth, and from the glorious place from which she comes... God and Heaven and true Love!

I have a great dream in my heart to raise my precious daughters to grow up to truly become the most beautiful, blessed and grace-filled women that God has created them to be. I want them to always, always, always to remember... no matter what age they might be or what their circumstances are in life... that they are beyond a shadow of a doubt, Loved with an everlasting Love by God, our Heavenly Father and that there is nothing that they could ever do in this world that can take that very awesome Gift of Love that He has given them away... nor is there anything in this entire world that they could ever do to separate them from God's great, unfailing Love for them! This is one of the most priceless Gifts that my dear mother gave to me, as a young girl and that is why I am so grateful to be able to pass this Gift along to my own daughters as well, as I always dreamed I would do! :)

We are living in a world, that, although, has come a long way as to how women are treated with more dignity and respect, still, as I see it has a long way to go... to get to a place where we as parents can feel completely comfortable raising our children, and especially our daughters in a world and society where we need worry little, if not at all about our daughters becoming prey of the media especially that is so saturated with impurity, immorality, that most especially is one of the biggest culprits and attackers of a woman's self worth and dignity.

A parent can feel helpless in the sea of all of this... feeling like how will I ever be able to prevent and save my daughter from not being led astray, or even worse, "to the slaughter," if you will by MTV, and pop music stars who's impure and anti-Christian messages and personalities seem to carry so much weight, especially with our youth.

I admit that I even felt a bit overwhelmed by this while I was pregnant with Audrey, asking God, "How will I ever protect her from all the impurity in this world and keep this beautiful, little, pure rose and daughter of yours and mine safe and pure and on your path of holiness and truth?"

God answered my prayers, and gave me Hope and let me know that with my prayers and Love for my daughter, as I raised her to Love God with all her heart, soul and mind and Love her neighbor as herself... that I would do this! And not only that, but to teach by my own example... and show her that there is a better, more beautiful, more dignified, more glorious, more gracious, and more honorable way to live your life than what much of the media and our society are offering.

God also let me know, the very moment my daughter Audrey was born, when I looked into her big, beautiful eyes of pure and unconditional Love and held her lovingly in my arms how much she already Loved God and how much He loved her. He let me know how much a part of her He already was... and how much a part of Him she already was... as she was a part of me and I her and God too! I felt such Love and Peace, holding my sweet, little, innocent daughter in my arms... and believe I even heard God whisper deep in my soul... "Fear not, new mother... for your daughter is with me, and I with her and I am with you too! I am here to keep her safe and protected and pure. And so are you! Continue to have deep Faith, pray for her everyday... and know that your prayers reach my ears and my heart and will be answered. I give you My Grace to be the very best mother you can be and dream of becoming. And my Grace is sufficient for you and will overflow in your heart and your daughter's."

I truly felt that Graceful message from God then, and I feel it again, now, while pregnant with my second daughter! I dream about the day that I will too give birth to her and look into her beautiful, pure eyes of unconditional Love and hold her so lovingly in my arms... and I look forward too, to the special moments I will spend with God during that time, as I did with my daughter, Audrey, for those special moments after a woman gives birth are so powerful, so holy and sacred and so breathed with God's Presence of Love that it is truly experiencing a bit of Heaven on Earth! And I truly look forward to listening to all God has to say to me in those precious moments and miracle of new Life!

So today, I continue to pray for my two beautiful daughters, God's and my little, blooming roses, pure princesses.... and for all little girls and (not so little girls), all around the world. May they know, truly, how very much they are Loved and cherished by God, our Heavenly Father... how very much they are worth, more than diamonds, more than rubies, more than all the money in the world. I pray that they know their great dignity as a daughter of God and of His Grace... and that they will always listen to their own hearts and those that speak only Truth to them of who they are as God's daughters and all that they are destined to become through, with, and in Him! For they are made and bound for the Glory of God!

Blessings of God's Grace be with you! :)

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