Sunday, February 12, 2012

God's Love Is In The Air!

God's Love is all around us and with the gift of every new, blessed day from God is another wonderful chance to celebrate the amazing gift of His unconditional Love! His Love is always available to us, for it dwells within our very hearts... and we should always strive to seek it in all we do, share it and celebrate it as much as possible!

This year will be my daughter, Audrey's second Valentine's Day, and it's really special for me also, because I am 29 weeks pregnant today with my second daughter! Children always make any holiday so much more fun and awesome. Audrey had a little Valentine's Day party with her friends at one of our Mommy and Me classes at the Y and she really enjoyed it. All the children exchanged Valentine's Day cards and she had me read them to her twice, and sometimes even carries them around with her. I could see that they really meant a lot to her... and it makes me realize all the more how important it is to share the blessed gift of God's Love with others!

With having to be back on bed rest for the next 11 weeks or so, to ensure a healthy and full term delivery for my precious daughter growing in my womb, I have more time to devote to my prayer life and one of the things I really want to focus on is the gifts of God's Love and Grace, continuing to realize it in the gift of each new day God gives me, and in the beautiful gift and blessing of my daughters.

God's Love is truly amazing... and I just want to continue to focus on it more and more each day and allow it again to be my true guide as it has so many times in the past throughout my life!

God's Love is truly in the air! May we continue to share it and celebrate it with Joy! :)

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