Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sharing And Celebrating The Gift of God's Love Everyday

God's Love is beautiful... and it is truly a gift He gives us from Heaven above! God's Love is also a great blessing to us and when we receive more of it... we are filled with pure loveliness and wonderful vitality, like the most vibrant rose blooming in God's garden! I am reminded of this because of the special gifts of Love I feel God has given me this past Valentine's Day... (just a couple of days ago, and still, this special feeling and blessing of Love has not wandered away from me, but thankfully is very much alive inside of me... glowing with God's Light and bringing me lots of Hope for my future!).

As I mentioned in a previous blog, this Valentine's Day was particularly special for me, with my daughter Audrey being 23 months old today, (it was her 2nd Valentine's Day), and she loved it so much and made it all the more fun! Also, making the day extra special is the fact that I am 29 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my second, beautiful daughter, due to be born in a couple of months! It's just a lovely time in my life... (and although, I have had to face many unexpected challenges my pregnancy journey this time around), still, nevertheless, it's been very beautiful and rich in God's great blessings, especially His Love & Grace!

God's Love truly is beautiful indeed and it's always all around us and also within us! I love the holiday of Valentine's Day very much, because you can really feel the Spirit of Love in the air... yet, I am always a little sorry at the end of the day to know that it's over and I need to wait a whole other year to celebrate it again, though, not really!

I really believe that God's Love is a precious gift that should be shared and celebrated each and every day. Every day is a precious gift from God... a brand, new chance to share the gift of Love God's placed in our hearts!

So, that's what I intend to continue doing... and teaching my daughters to do, although, I must say... I need not try very hard to teach my daughter, Audrey, because she does a magnificent job of spreading God's Love all on her own! I'm the one that needs to learn from her, and I am sure my new, beautiful daughter will be just the same as far as this is concerned.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed day, filled with lots of LOVE to celebrate and share with all the world!!! :)

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