Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentine's Day Tea

It's Valentine's Day again... and the gift of God's Love is truly in the air! I had the chance to share some special, Mommy N Me Valentine's Day time with my precious daughter, Audrey, (and of course, my other precious daughter, growing in my womb), at a special Valentine's Day tea! This was actually not Audrey's first real tea... we celebrated my birthday with she and my mom a couple of years ago at a real tea house when she was only about 5 1/2 months old! Audrey was so excited to go to tea today, a few minutes before we left for tea, I asked her if she wanted a little snack before we went and she kindly declined my offer, reminding me that "we are going to tea!" :) It was the cutest thing!

The Valentine's Day tea today was held at my mom's friend's house, and it was very elegant and lovely. Audrey was a true, Little Lady and of course, social butterfly! She warmly greeted everyone there with big smiles, hand shakes, high fives and as she sat at our table sipping her tea, (with ice cubes in it), she gave her most precious princess wave she could! She truly touched and blessed everyone's heart with the warmth and Joy and Grace of God's true Love... (especially her proud Mama's!).

It was really special to share this special day with Audrey, my sweet Baby Girl in my womb, my mom and her friends... and most of all to share the beautiful gift of God's Love! I feel especially blessed by God's Love because of it!

Praying that the rest of your Valentine's Day is a very special one! May you remember how much God Loves you!!! :)

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