Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holiness And Purity Are Beautiful Things!

"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me." (Psalm 51:10)

I think that the above is a beautiful and lovely prayer to pray from the Psalms, all year round, though especially during Lent and while preparing in our lives for something very big, such as the birth of a new baby in our family, a birthday, an anniversary, or another holiday or day that has significant meaning to us.

This prayer holds special meaning for me in my life at this time, during Lent and my 31st week into my pregnancy journey, as I not only prepare to celebrate the glorious feast of Easter but also to welcome into my family and our world, my precious, beautiful daughter, when she is born... (which is coming up soon!).

I always like to pray this prayer during Lent as I prepare to celebrate Easter, so that God will truly cleanse me of anything and all the things that might be within my heart and self that are keeping me back from experiencing His amazing Love and Grace for me to the greatest of my capacity. It's a simple, sweet, yet powerful prayer... and really can work wonders for us when we pray it with an open, humble heart, that yearns to draw closer to Him and live our lives completely for him in every way possible!

I am praying this prayer especially now, as I prepare to welcome my precious Baby Girl into my family and our world very soon. For she is so pure, so innocent and so close to God... that I want to be that way, myself, as much as possible as her mother!

It's almost unfathomable to even think about, just how pure, sweet, innocent and close to God and Heaven a precious child of God is, (while growing in it's mother's womb and when it is born!). I just want to do everything in my power to keep her that way, and also, my precious 23 month old daughter, Audrey that way, for as long as possible,(forever really!:), and the best way I can think of starting to do that is by preparing my own heart, soul, body, mind and being in the way of purity and holiness.

God asks us to be pure and holy always... and it should always be our aim, though, especially now, as I prepare for the birth of my sweet daughter, I am much more aware of that aim and goal and mission... and so, I come back to this humble prayer from the Psalms to assist me on my path of becoming more holy and pure in all ways, renewing within me a steadfast spirit, as God calls us to do!

Praying for everyone, as we all heed to God's call to be holy and pure! May this prayer above assist you in achieving this goal in your life as well! Many blessings of God's Grace be with you in all you do! :)

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