Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Sweetest Music To My Ears

There are many things that I especially love to hear that lately, I have been wanting to share and write about, as I consider them to be the sweetest music to my ears! So what are they? Well, let's see... they are as follows...

1. The Holy Names of God, Jesus and our Blessed Mother Mary... spoken by my daughter, or another child especially, though, really, spoken by anyone with the sound of genuine Love and reverence for them in their voice!

2. My precious daughter Audrey's voice! Especially when she calls me, so lovingly, "Mama, Mom, Mommy!" (ever since she began to call me by name, these have by far become my new 3 favorite words!).

3. My daughter, Audrey's infectious, contagious, sweet laughter! :)

4. Any setting of the Alleluia being sung at Mass... (especially on Easter Sunday, after having to obtain from singing it for 4o days in the desert, during Lent!).

5. Birds singing ever so sweetly outside my window early in the morning.

6. The sound of little children talking, laughing and playing together... (even when us grown ups can't understand what hey are really talking about!).

7. The sound of wind chimes blowing in the wind. I absolutely LOVE this... the way it sounds, and also because I always remember the saying... "When we hear wind chimes it means angels are near by!" :) I've now taught that to Audrey and now when we hear the music of wind chimes together, we are always reminded that our Guardian Angels are with us! :)

8. Soft and lovely piano music that seems to gently come into the atmosphere from seemingly nowhere, like when you are strolling through the mall and suddenly someone is siting there playing a grand piano, or someone drives by in their car with their windows open and you hear this most beautiful music. Certain pieces of classical music make me feel the same way! What a nice surprise!

9. My awesome mother's voice... especially when she compliments me and tells me what an amazing mother and woman I am! Thanks, Mom... it always makes me feel great to hear that! :)

10. Hearing my father laugh at all the funny and wonderful things my daughter does. He loves her so much, and is such an amazing Grandfather!

11. My brother Jeff's voice! I always love hearing from him!

12. The up-beatness in my sister-in-law Heidi's voice! It's always filled with lots of Hope and Love! :)

13. When they ring the bells at Mass during the consecration! Beautiful!!!

14. Hearing people talk about God, Jesus, our Blessed Mother and Heaven in a real and genuine way!

15. Hearing people of all ages declare boldly their Love for God and Jesus and our Blessed Mother and our Church.

16. How could I have not put this sooner?!? A newborn baby's sweet Baby talk! I loved Audrey's.. and am so excited to hear my new daughter's beautiful, sweet Baby sounds!

17. The happy voices of my grandparents when I talk to them, long distance, all the way from sunny Florida on the phone! They are so sweet and Loving... so filled with JOY!!!

18. For that matter, the voices of all my family! I Love them very much and Love to hear from them!

19. The voices of friends.

20. Bells ringing, especially Church bells!

21. Christmas music at any time of the year! Especially Audrey, as she continues to sing, now well into February, "Jingle Bells," and "Go Tell It On The Mountain." (She's such a Christmas girl!!!! She LOVES Christmas, and I believe, it's by far, her most favorite holiday!).

22. Witnessing my daughter, Audrey, try something new for the very first time, and accomplish something all on her won, and proudly say, out loud... "I Did It!" With just about the most enthusiasm and umpth and excitement I've ever heard!!! :)

23. When I tell my daughter, Audrey I Love her... she says back to me... 'I Uv You!" :) So incredibly cute! :)

24. The sound of a choir singing one of my songs I've composed. I've had this privilege on a few rare occasions and it's just amazing! Can somebody say, "goosebumps!" :)

25. Hearing the background music to a song I've composed, once it's been recorded and is ready for me to lay down the vocal! Love this!!!

And the list will go on and on, though, my daughter, Audrey is waking up from her nap... so I must take a break from this for now!

More to follow... :)

26. When my daughter, Audrey spots a rainbow... how she always says, "Look, Mama... a rainbow! A sign of God's Love!" :) So precious and true!!! "Out of the mouth of babes."

27. Encouraging words!

28. People speaking words of Love to one another.

29. The sound of rain gently falling upon the earth.

More to follow, I am sure! :)

30. People speaking words of Peace to one another!

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