Friday, February 10, 2012

He Will Lift Us Up On Eagle's Wing

I just returned from my visit to my obstetrician. I am now 28 weeks 5 days pregnant and although after three weeks of having to be on bed rest after having my cervical surgery in December and doing so well that my specialist took me off of bed rest, unfortunately, my cervix is continuing to dilate, due the the fact that my Baby Girl is growing and getting bigger and is resting right on top of my cervix. So, for the next 12 weeks, I will need to stay on bed rest again.

I am not at all upset by this news... as I said before, I will do anything to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy for my daughter and a full term delivery. I really didn't mind so much being on bed rest the first time, (although, I was disappointed that I would have to miss all the fun classes and play dates with my daughter, Audrey), though, still, I was looking forward to the rest and bonding time with my growing, precious Baby Girl in my womb and even Audrey as well. Though, still, when my doctor took me off bed rest, I thought, OK, I will just continue to go with the flow and follow his directions, after all, he's the specialist and he knows best! :)

Though, now, I really have to take it easy... and make it through the next 12 weeks and continue praying that God will bless my Baby daughter with a healthy, happy, peaceful and Grace-filled full term delivery! This is my heart's greatest prayer right now, and if you could please pray for this too for us, we'd greatly appreciate it! :)

I do accept these new directions from my doctor as a Grace-filled blessing... and I plan to make the best of being on bed rest, again... continuing to grow closer to God and deeper and my faithful in prayer my not just myself, my family and friends but for everyone... and of course continuing to bond more closely with my precious Baby Girl, growing in my womb and with Audrey!

It's been a stressful pregnancy, (even though, there have been many blessings and Graces from God), and going through a divorce during it, has only made it more stressful and difficult, though, God's unfailing Grace continues to lift me and strengthen me. Praise God!!! :)

I will continue to wait upon the Lord, our God and I know He will continue to lift me high, upon eagle's wings, above all the difficulties that I have had to face... and soon, I will receive the amazing blessing and miraculous gift from above of being able to give birth to my beautiful daughter, and truly welcome her into my family and this world. I'm so looking forward to that day, though, until then... I will continue to wait patiently, relying on God's Grace and Love and Hope to see us through!:)

Thank you, very much, for your prayers for me and my Baby Girl and family. They are very much appreciated... and please be sure of mine for you and your family!

God's Grace is amazing!!! :)

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