Wednesday, February 15, 2012

As She Moves About Gracefully In My Womb

I have to say that one of the most exciting, glorious and Grace-filled experiences I've ever had as a woman, (aside from giving birth), has got to be for me, feeling my precious, little Baby move ever so gracefully within my very womb, both for the first time and every single time after that! It's the most amazing feeling to feel your precious Little One, (your blessing from God), move about in your womb, fluttering around... letting you know she or he is really there inside of you... and very much already a beautiful, sweet, growing little person who Loves you and is just as much a part of you and God as you are of them! Truly amazing!!! :)

Just as amazing, is the continuation of these Grace-filled, divine movements from your Precious One, as you continue to progress in your pregnancy journey. There's nothing more reassuring to a pregnant mother, to let her know that her growing Baby is healthy and well, as she or he continues to grow safely in her womb, (aside from maybe seeing her Baby in an ultra sound). It's always so reassuring to me to feel my daughter move about within my womb, and we are told by our doctors that this movement and the frequency of it are the signs of a healthy Baby! Praise God!!!

Something special that I innately began doing while I was pregnant with Audrey, (without anybody telling me to), was rubbing, lovingly my womb, and sending her loving, warm, positive thoughts, prayers and energy. If you would have seen me then while I was pregnant with her, and even now, pregnant with my second daughter... my hands were then and still now are always placed somewhere upon my ever-growing belly... as I pray for my growing daughter, continuing to ask God to bless and protect her in endless ways... and most of all letting her know how much I Love her and God also! :)

Recently, I have been asking my daughter, Audrey, if she wants to feel her Baby sister moving in my womb and she has said, "Yes," and puts her hand on my womb to feel her move, as she says, "Hello, Baby Sister!" It's so sweet and I believe makes stronger and more tender the beautiful, loving relationship that already exists between them and I know will continue to grow and grow and become more blessed by God their whole lives through!

Ahh! I'm just filled with so much Love, Joy, Grace, Hope and excitement about all the blessings God has given me, especially with my new daughter, due to be born soon. Of course, our lives are going to change in every way... AND, for the best... and that's what make it all the more exciting! I am so excited to finally meet her face to face and hold her in my loving arms and tell her, looking into her beautiful, innocent, pure eyes how very much I Love her, as does God! I am so excited also to introduce her to my family, friends and the world and there are so many new firsts to look forward to. Yet, as I said with Audrey... as excited as I am, I am in no hurry for her to be born. I want her to continue to grow safely in my womb until she is absolutely ready to be born! God has given me a great deal of patience, (Thank You, God! :), and so, of course, I don't mind a bit waiting until then!

For now, I will just continue to prepare myself, family and life for her sweet arrival, and continue to enjoy each and every Grace-filled movement she makes! My heart is full of prayers and so much Love for her... and I thank God endlessly for the true miracle, blessing and Gift and wonder of her!!! :)

With special thoughts and prayers for all pregnant mothers and their precious, growing Babies in their wombs, I am forever keeping Vigil! May their journeys of pregnancy be ones of true blessings, God's Love and His endless Grace and abundant Hope! Amen.

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