Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Woman's Gifts From God: Beauty, Grace and Beautiful Dignity

Well, I have almost made it, in my pregnancy journey to 31 weeks... and I am praising God for getting me this far. I was just speaking to another mother who also had a high risk pregnancy with one of her children, also having to be on bed rest for quite a while during her pregnancy as well, and she was saying that every day that she made it to was like a, "victory!" and I couldn't agree with her more! Truly... it is by God's great Love and Grace that I have made it thus far... (and also my prayers, I believe and the prayers of others who have been also praying for us!).

It is a victory, indeed that IO have made it thus far... and I am praying now, all the more to continue achieving these daily victories, as I hope and pray to reach my full term due date, (or somewhere very close to it), of April 29, 2012 to assure my precious daughter growing in my womb the best and healthiest beginning coming into this world. Your continued prayers for us are very much appreciated! :)

What's in my heart to write about today is the Grace and Beauty of a woman of God... and not just a grown woman of God, but,"a little woman, or young lady of God." Of course, I have my two daughters in mind first and foremost, but, I really am also thinking of all woman of God, (of all ages!).

Though, with my beautiful and precious daughters in mind first and foremost... I always want them to know how very beautiful that they are, (both inside and out), primarily, because they are daughters of God, His beautiful children created in His wonderful image and likeness of Love! And yet, even more than that... they have an amazing amount of Beauty and Grace because they are (young woman), little girls who will one day become woman of God!

And God has created woman with a very special Beauty, Grace and a beautiful Dignity... (for the simple fact that He has created us to be able to conceive within our very wombs, a human being, a little precious child of His, to carry, so lovingly within us, as it grows and is ready to be born into this world), whom we are responsible for raising into responsible, capable, God-fearing young adults, though, even then... we will always remain their mothers... and forever be caring for our children, praying for them and guiding them in many ways!

It's just truly amazing, the blessed vocation God has chosen to give women, by giving us the capability to become mothers and in essence share a very close bond with Him, our Heavenly Father, for as we learn in Sacred Scripture on several accounts, God's Love and Care for us is not only that of a Heavenly Father, but, also one of A Loving, nurturing Mother as well! And to share so close a bond with Him, as to receive the divine gift from Him, as woman, to divine ability be able to conceive a precious child within our very womb, and love and care for that child throughout her pregnancy and then give birth, (Life), to that child and continue nurturing and Loving and caring for that child their whole life through... is just an amazing, extraordinary gift God has given woman... and we are so, so incredibly blessed because of it! :)

That is most especially what I want my daughters, (and all women of God), to always remember and know and embrace, so fully, to the greatest capacity... our God-given Grace, Beauty and Dignity as women and the immense amount of power that we hold within us, to bear Life not just to our own children, but to the entire world as well, on God's behalf! That is truly something so amazing that we, as women, should never take lightly. And it's also something that no one can ever take from us... ever... ever... ever... because it's a precious gift God has given us to last our whole lifetime!

I am continuing to pray for my precious daughters and all woman of God, (of all ages), that they will always look to God, their Loving Creator, to always be reminded of who they truly are and His beautiful, Life-bearing creations, and that they will always see their own reflection, reflected back from within His beautiful and Sacred Heart of unconditional and everlasting Love, Grace and Life!

May we as woman of God, always be aware of our God-given gifts to bear His gifts of Life, Love and Grace, not just to our own children, but to all the world on His behalf... and always guard and protect and cherish this gift with everything that we are!

May we always walk with our heads held high, knowing that we truly embody the Life, Love, Beauty, Grace and beautiful gift of Dignity from God... and by so doing, may we inspire the world to draw closer to God... and bring help Him bring new Life in all it's facets into our world. Amen.

Wishing you all a very beautiful and blessed day! :)

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