Sunday, February 12, 2012

God's Using The Gift Of My Pregnancy To Draw Me Closer To Him

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, having to be on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy, I view this as a true blessing. It's really a very special chance for me to grow closer to God in my relationship with Him, and also with my beautiful daughter growing in my womb, and my beautiful daughter Audrey. It's also a unique opportunity for me to really pray and dream about the amazing future full of Hope that I know God has prepared for us!

Yesterday, God blessed me with a beautiful insight of Light and inspiration as I was reminded of the lovely Psalm 63 and how much I love that Psalm and how much I truly love God and long for Him. I long to see my beautiful daughter face to face, in the same way, when she is born and I realize how God blesses women during pregnancy in the most abundant ways to draw us closer to Him and our children and to really come to understand His divine Love for us, as our Love for our children grow, and grow and grow!

As I realized with my last pregnancy with Audrey, I realize all the more with this pregnancy with my second daughter what a true gift from God pregnancy is and how much God blesses a woman during her journey of pregnancy with the most Grace-filled Gifts!

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