Thursday, February 16, 2012

Forever Feminine!

Earlier this morning I met with my obstetrician for a check up on me and my sweet, little Baby Girl and it went really well, better than I expected... which is always a good thing! My doctor put me on bed again, a week ago, at my last visit, because even though I had a cervical procedure done in early December to help prevent my cervix from opening any more prematurely than it had, still, we discovered last week that it had funneled quite a bit, and so... to ensure me having the safest remainder of my pregnancy journey possible, as well as a hopefully, full term delivery of my daughter... best rest is a must! It has worked out great since we could see in the ultra-sound that my cervix has managed to stay exactly the same! Praise God! She did tell me that I can still get out and about, as long as I use a wheel chair and so I'm very happy about that!

Seeing just little glimpses of my precious daughter again, in today's ultra-sound was enough to touch my heart with the greatest amount of Hope, Grace and Love! Although, it was just the regular ultra-sound and not the 3-D one that we get to see when I go to my specialist, nevertheless,this time, unlike other times, I was able to see my daughter's beautiful eyes opening right at me, as they have in previous ultra-sounds... and it even looked as if she gave me a gentle, grace-filled smile... which was truly amazing and got me so excited! What an amazing blessing and gift to be able to see your growing Baby in your womb, before she is born! Thank you, God, for these precious gifts I get to receive when I go to my doctor's visits! I appreciate them so very much... and they make my pregnancy journey which can at times feel so long, seem not as long... giving me the perseverance and Hope I need to make it to my due date! :)

Every day, I am continuing to get ready and prepare myself, my heart, my family and home for the grand arrival of my sweet and precious daughter! And with my pregnancy being high risk... I know that at this point, I really could go into labor at any time, and so, it's really important that I be as prepared as possible! :)

Aside from all the obvious, routine necessities I need to help welcome my new, little daughter home from the hospital, such as her car seat, clothes, bottles, formula, and so on, I have also wanted to get myself prepared as well. I wanted a new, special pair of comfortable and feminine, pretty pajamas to wear in the hospital after I give birth to her, as well as some comfortable, pretty, modest, though feminine new clothes for me to wear, (so I am not stuck having to still wear my maternity clothes!). Giving birth is no small matter! It's quite huge, actually, monumental, to say the least and it marks a brand new, beautiful era and chapter in my life... and having some pretty new clothes to wear, I believe is also important in helping me to celebrate this new time in my life... and, "This New Me!" :)

So a few days ago, since I was on bed rest, and couldn't get out to go shopping for some new clothes, I searched on line for what I was hoping to find, and felt would fit how I am feeling about myself these days and my style. I was very surprised to find some beautifully feminine, modest, though very pretty, flowery, flowing blouses at the national store, "Forever 21!" I actually haven't shopped at that store in years, and I had no idea that they had the kind of styles that I like to wear, so needless to say, I was presently surprised by what I received in the mail today and view it as a special gift to myself to help celebrate my life life when my new daughter is born! :)

As a Christian, I believe that fashion is very important, to woman especially, as we strive each day to live out our faith and put our very best face and foot in our daily walk with God and Jesus. I believe that fashion is so important for Christian women especially, because whether we like it or not, we are most likely first and for most judged by others by our outer appearance, often times, before a word ever leaves our lips. This is just how it is in our society... and so we naturally want our outer appearance; how we wear our hair and make-up and the clothes we wear to match our true inner beauty, and hopefully accentuate it... (and not take away from it!). Besides that, our bodies are truly temples of the Holy Spirit... yes, the living Presence of God dwells within us and so, we want to represent Him well, in our own, unique way... letting others see how we express our spirituality and Love for Him through the fashion statement we are making. Whether we intend to or not, we are always making a fashion statement, so why not put some thought and creativity and our true personality into what we wear! We, as woman of God, are like His beautiful, blooming flowers, His bright shining stars. So let's bloom and shine for Him... so all who see us will know we belong to Him and Love Him! :)

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