Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mama Is A Butterfly!

As beloved children and beautiful creations of God.... we are continually going through a transformation process, as God continues to purify us, re-shape and re-mold us, and re-create us a new each day, closer and closer into the beautiful image and likeness of Himself!

Everyday we are growing and changing on our own, by the things we thinks, say, do and experience... and I believe God takes all of that which is within us, daily, and re-shapes, forms and molds us... continually into an even better, more Christ-centered person than we were the day before. I believe we are continually in a process of transformation... as God takes always within us... (that which has died and no longer suites us... and blesses us and graces us with new, life-giving attributes and gifts that will truly help us to become all we're created to be in Christ... and all that we are meant to be in Heaven).

I think butterflies are very beautiful and a perfect image that represents the life of a person who has truly been given new and eternal Life in Christ! For when God gives us the gift of new and everlasting Life... the former, passes away... becomes obsolete... and we are created anew, so beautiful and glorious... we shine with all God's Glory and Light... and His very Life dwells within us and even gives us wings to fly, and reach and make real the most beautiful dreams He's placed in our hearts!

Children say some of the most beautiful, prophetic things at times, yet in the simplest of ways! My daughter Audrey did just that last night, as she lay in her crib, trying to drift off to sleep. I was sitting in the room with her, with the lights turned off, but a nightlight on, and the door slightly opened and she says, sweetly, out of the blue.."Mama is a butterfly! That's what my ears heard her say, though, my heart heard her say, (for some reason),"Mama will soon become a butterfly!"

I was very taken aback by what she had just said... it seemed to come out of nowhere, yet, actually, on a deeper level... it was right in line with what we had been talking about a little bit earlier. We were talking about her being a, "Big sister," and about her little Baby Sister, continuing to grow in Mama's belly and how soon, she is a going to be born and be home with us. A lot, for a little one, who is 23 months old today to take in, but she most certainly does, and she really understands!

When I think about my daughter's comment in light of what we were talking about shotly before... it makes sense that God would inspire her with a comment so simple and yet so profound as to say, "Mama is a butterfly," (even though, her comment more to me like, "Mama will soon become a buterfly!"

I truly believe that we are always growing and changing in our Christian life each and every day, and when a woman is with child and preparing to give birth, truly there are endless changes happening in her body, heart, mind and soul that are paramount... and are very powerful! In many ways, a pregnant women is like a little, (or not so little :), caterpillar, preparing to soon be a butterfly. When I woman becomes pregnant, and is blessed by God with the most amazing gift of a precious child, her very own child, and God's child, within her womb.... her life is forever changed, for the very best! As she continues to grow and her child with her... she continues to shed her former life, (who she was before she became pregnant), and be transformed continually by God's Love, Grace, Light, Joy, Peace, Hope and many other special gifts from Heaven above! And when she finally gives birth... I truly believe from my own experience that, much of who she used to be, passes away and she is born anew and given new Life with her n beautiful child! This was my blessed experience with my precious daughter, Audrey and I believe will also be my experiences with my new daughter.

Of course, I don't believe that we ever really loose who we are completely, the innate beautiful person that God's created us to be... though, like roses and trees are pruned by their gardeners, so that new and more beautiful leaves, blossoms and branches can grow... whatever is not working for us in our lives and bringing us closer to God, God takes away, so that new and even more beautiful Life can grow and bloom within us!

So, as I continue along in my pregnancy journey... of Faith, Hope, & Love and I wonder in awe of the mystery of God's Love and the mystery and awe of my precious daughter... I wait, wonder and contemplate who she will be and also who I will soon become as her mother, for, after giving birth to her, I will no longer be the exact same person as I am today.... but will truly be transformed by God's Grace and Love... into a new woman of God, a new mother and a new creation in Christ! May my life and the lives of my precious daughters continue to bring God all the Glory He so deserves! May His Life and Love be seen in us always! Amen!

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