Monday, February 13, 2012

A Mother's Heart Shines With God's Love

With tomorrow being Valentine's Day, I feel especially inspired to write a new blog for mothers in particular. Mothers are absolutely amazing and I think that we should truly honor, respect and solute mothers, not just once a year, (on Mother's Day), but every day of the year... because that's just how precious, special, beloved and needed they are.

Yet, how often do they go about their daily lives, working so hard to raise their children with Love, not realizing just how amazing they are? I imagine more times than not, mothers are so busy with their everyday lives and all the amazing responsibilities of raising their children and taking care of their families that they may not always remember or realize just how special and important they are... and most of all beloved and cherished by God!

And so, if nothing else, in my own small and humble way, this evening, I hope to reach out to all mothers across the world in prayer and remind them how truly amazing they are... how wonderful they are and how much they are cherished and blessed by God.

Mothers are more beautiful than they might ever know. Their hearts shine and radiate with the true Love, Faith, Compassion, Light, Hope, Peace, Joy, Mercy, Forgiveness, Patience, Kindness, Tenderness and Beauty of God! Though most of all they especially shine and radiate God's unconditional Love! God lives inside all of His children, though, especially mothers. And mothers are especially blessed in that God has chosen to allow them to share in His divine nature, allowing them to conceive, carry and protect in their very wombs, the most precious gift of human life. Like God, mothers give the gift of Life in the most profound way humanly possible! What a truly amazing miracle to partake in. What an extraordinary blessing for all mothers.

The ever-deepening bond that is created between a woman whom God blesses with the gift of a child within her very womb and God is one that no words can even describe. And the ongoing bond that continues to develop between a mother, God and her precious child growing in her womb is just as amazing. It's something that is not talked about very much, though, I believe on the deepest levels of a mother's heart... this divine Truth is known to her and to all mothers through the world.

The work of a mother is truly a vocation of Love! It's a vocation of God's Love extended in every way to her children, her family, her community and world and also to herself as well. It really is.... a beautiful and blessed vocation of Love! It's that simple and that extraordinary!

As I pray for my own vocation of Love this evening... I truly open up my heart big and wide to reach all the mothers of this world and ask God continue to bless them and their families this evening and also, tomorrow on Valentine's Day... with His divine Love in the most special way of all! May they be strengthened and inspired by God's Love for them and may they truly know how beloved they are by God and appreciated they are for all the amazing work they do, taking care of and raising their families. May they feel as beautiful, (both inside and out), as they truly are... and know that their hearts shine and radiate God's Love to the world! Amen.

Happy and Blessed Valentine's Day to all... especially mothers across the world! :)

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